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I have eyewitness," Carson said in a Facebook Live interview... [Read More]
"I personally feel that I can be considerably more effective as ..." [Read More]
He didn't quit. He was fired. [Read More]
Ben Carson is leading talks to have the presumptive GOP nominee meet with 400 religious conservatives. [Read More]
Ben Carson defended Donald Trump's recent comments about Bill Clinton being involved in rape and Hillary Clinton being an enabler of the former president's improprieties. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Carson... [Read More]
The 2016 election may have forced the rest of us into awareness of dumb and despicable public figures such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio, bu ... [Read More]
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the top choice to serve as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's vice president, a new poll shows. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of registered... [Read More]
According to Ben Carson, Palin is on a short list of names Trump is considering for running mate. Be very afraid... [Read More]
Former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has seemingly revealed several names on Donald Trump's vice presidential short list. [Read More]
Dr. Ben Carson confirmed five people on presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's list of potential vice presidential running mates in a recent interview. [Read More]
Ben Carson says Donald Trump's list of possible running mates includes some awfully familiar names for anyone who's followed the 2016 presidential race: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio... [Read More]
Ben Carson: 'Level of Arrogance' from 'Never Trump' Is 'Almost Incomprehensible'... [Read More]
Ben Carson says former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is being considered as a potential running mate for presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump. I ... [Read More]
There's been a lot of speculation that Ben Carson will be Donald Trump's vice presidential pick. But it turns out that's not going to happen. n a move that could... [Read More]
So this was announced today: Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, will oversee the presumptive Republican U.S. presidential nominee's search for a running mate, a... [Read More]
Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who plans to help presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump se... [Read More]
Ben Carson, the former rival now helping presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump choose a running mate, said he doesn't want the position and that Democrats may be among those considered. [Read More]
Ben Carson should have been sidelined from GOP politics forever after his presidential campaign tanked. In addition to his major foreign policy gaffes an... [Read More]
During a Wednesday interview on Fox News Radio, Ben Carson, who will likely help Donald Trump choose a running mate, proposed making Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Trump's attorney general and then nominating him... [Read More]
Hmmm. [Read More]
While most of us were admittedly a little shocked when Ben Carson backed Trump in the race for the Presidency, I have to say I was much more shocked at... [Read More]
Former Fox News contributor Dr. Ben Carson will reportedly be included on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's "committee to handle the selection process" of a vice presidential running mate. Fox helped launch Carson's own failed presidential campaign while he served as... [Read More]
Donald Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday that Ben Carson will sit on his committee to help select a running mate now that the real estate mogul is the presumptive Republican... [Read More]
'I'll set up a committee, and that I will do soon'... [Read More]
"The messaging has been lacking for Republicans." [Read More]
On 'Hannity,' former Republican presidential candidate reacts to Donald Trump's victory in Indiana... [Read More]
Ben Carson has the answers. [Read More]
Former presidential candidate on how the GOP frontrunner can broaden his base... [Read More]
Attorney General Chris Christie? Energy Secretary Sarah Palin? Health Secretary Ben Carson? [Read More]
Brent Bozell pens open letter to conservative figures such as Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Phyllis Schlafly urging them to retract their endorsements of Donald Trump. [Read More]
Republicans, racists, Donald Trump and Ben Carson were all called out. [Read More]
Like Ben Carson, a former 2016 candidate who has endorsed Trump, the Manhattan billionaire said another denomination should be found for Tubman. [Read More]
"... the last president who actually balanced the federal budget ..." [Read More]
Former presidential candidate Ben Carson, who's still 100-percent worthy of my love, doesn't understand why we have to boot Andrew Jackson from the front of the $20 bill in favor of Harriet Tubman.... [Read More]
Ben Carson says he doesn't have a problem with putting abolitionist Harriet Tubman on U.S. currency, but he doesn't like the idea of removing President Andrew Jackson to do it. [Read More]
Former GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson criticized the decision to replace President Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. [Read More]
He thinks Harriet Tubman should go on the rarely circulated $2 bill instead. [Read More]
Former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said Wednesday although he's a fan of legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman, her likeness shouldn't replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Read More →... [Read More]
Give her the $2 bill instead, he said. [Read More]

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