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Dr. Ben Carson, the man Donald Trump put in charge of his search for a running mate, has confirmed that Trump now has "the list." One name that must be on that list... [Read More]
Says here that Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd, senior pastor of the mega Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, is on the guest list for a New York roundup of religious righters with... [Read More]
United in Purpose and My Faith Votes today jointly announced the collaborative organization of "A Conversation About America's Future with Donald Trump and Ben Carson," to be held June 21, 2016 in New... [Read More]
'You need someone that's going to fight fire with fire'... [Read More]
Ben Carson and Chris Christie are apparently Donald Trump fans (and Paul Ryan's still not sure ), but count Stephen King, Amy Tan, and Junot Diaz among those who definitely fall into the... [Read More]
Read More »... [Read More]
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won Washington state's presidential primaries Tuesday, although only Trump gained delegates. Washington ignores its Democratic primary results, instead allocating delegates through a Democratic caucus, which Bernie Sanders won... [Read More]
Ben Carson on Tuesday defended Donald Trump's focus on Bill Clinton's affairs and recent attacks on Hillary Clinton, saying that the presumptive Republican nominee's hits are "part of who we have become as... [Read More]
about U.S. foreign policy. More on that later. But, their ... [Read More]
Ben Carson Gets His Own Farewell Tribute Thanks To 'The Daily Show' And 'I'll Be Missing You' By: Andrew Roberts 03.08.16... [Read More]
Ben Carson just wants to use his "outside voice." Appearing on Fox Business' "The Intelligence Report" program, Carson dismissed any notion of wanting to serve on Donald Trump's team. [Read More]
Evangelical leaders have sent out these invitations for a June 21 meeting with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in New York City.The meeting, first reported by TIME, will bring Trump face-to-face with hundreds... [Read More]
Every election season, there are those people who don't bother to vote. They forget. They're not inspired. They feel like their vote doesn't matter. For once, they might have a point. Tonight is Washington... [Read More]
Pacific County Republicans voted 83.18 percent for Donald Trump in Tuesday's presidential primary election. Remaining percentages of 7.51 went to Ted Cruz, 6.16 to John Kasich and 3.14 to Ben Carson. Cruz, Kasich... [Read More]
"I personally feel that I can be considerably more effective as ..." [Read More]
Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson on Donald Trump's meeting with the evangelical community and the search for the candidate's running mate. [Read More]
After firing Ben Carson for suggesting that Sarah Palin or a Democrat might be a good VP, Trump has been looking at establishment Republican Bob Corker. [Read More]
The high demand for Michelle Obama on the 2016 trail, Ben Carson's evolving role and is that "Trump effect" the real deal? It's all a part of our "Inside Politics" forecast.... [Read More]
He didn't quit. He was fired. [Read More]
Ben Carson is leading talks to have the presumptive GOP nominee meet with 400 religious conservatives. [Read More]
Not long after the release of his excellent album "Black Ben Carson," some guest appearances and production on Abdu Ali's similarly scattered "Mongo," and a recent rarities-filled mix for the website Tiny Mix... [Read More]
The barrage of candid and off-the-cuff tweets from presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump could come to an end if he wins the White House, top Trump surrogate Ben Carson said Friday. [Read More]
Screenshot/Fox News Ben Carson came to the defense of Donald Trump during a Fox News interview Friday, after the presumptive Republican nominee took some heat for proclaiming that he could "practically guarantee" what... [Read More]
Ben Carson said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump won't have much time for Twitter if he's elected president."Probably not to the same degree that you're seeing the tweets and things right now.... [Read More]
Ben Carson defended Donald Trump's recent comments about Bill Clinton being involved in rape and Hillary Clinton being an enabler of the former president's improprieties. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Carson... [Read More]
Donald Trump was just "expressing his opinion" with an early-morning tweet Thursday saying the crash of an EgyptAir jet looked like terrorism, but he will handle such pronouncements differently once he's in the... [Read More]
Tweeting while president? Donald Trump won't have time for that, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said Friday. [Read More]
Donald Trump told Fox and Friends on Friday that "anybody that supports me" could be a potential running mate. Here, then, is a shortlist of possible vice presidents on a Trump ticket. Jeva... [Read More]
Ben Carson responds to critics saying he jumped the gun on tweeting about cause of crash... [Read More]
as a self-made man who represented the American dream and wasn't afraid to speak his mind, regardless of whether he knew what he was talking about. "He's got the guts to wear... [Read More]
pledging six-and seven-figure donations for the general election against Hillary Clinton. Among the big-money contributors to the pro-Trump "Great America PAC" are oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens. Pickens earlier talked up Jeb Bush,... [Read More]
Dark ages"Hope and change, not so much. More like hate and castrate."David Plouffe, Barack Obama's campaign manager in 2008, predicts a brutal general election. New York Times Love, actually"Boyfriend prefers... [Read More]
The 2016 election may have forced the rest of us into awareness of dumb and despicable public figures such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio, bu ... [Read More]
Candidates hoping to earn a spot as Donald Trump's running mate are reportedly expected to submit their tax returns to the campaign, even though the presumptive GOP nominee has said he has no... [Read More]
Former presidential candidate Ben Carson on the interview between Donald Trump and a Reuters reporter about Trump wanting to set up a meeting with Kim Jong-Un. [Read More]
by Matt Baume ... [Read More]
Right wingers have long accused Muslim leaders of not speaking out against ISIS—and they've long been wrong . At the end of last year, a meeting of great minds on Fox News between Sean... [Read More]
This is straight from Ben Carson's lips: Donald Trump's vice president list includes Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. [Read More]
At least four of the five or six people on Donald Trump's vice-presidential shortlist are former rivals from t... [Read More]
As part of Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Search Committee, Ben Carson revealed that he has a list of names of possible V.P. candidates to Trump in this text message exchange. [Read More]

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